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  • JeXEvents

    JeXEvents is an event listing and purchasing component. Joomla does not have any integrated Event System. This is where the JeXEvents comes and allows admin to create Events and add the Event Buy now button script in to any published Articles on the website. This will allow users to see the Events buy now button on your site.

    JeXEvents provides easy to Install and configure; the flexible system of adding Categories, Events, Tickets, Venues, viewing the List of Orders, Importing the offline tickets and adding the Discount Coupons.

    So why should you need a JeXEvents component installed on your site?

    Generally all the Event Listing component can’t allow admin to add any event buy now button on anywhere on the site. By using JeXEvents will allow you to add any event buy now button on any published articles on your site and this makes your visitors more involved and improve your visit return rate.


    1. Allows adding nude celebrities / editing / deleting / publishing / unpublishing the Categories
    2. Allows adding / editing / deleting / publishing / unpublishing the Events.
    3. Allows adding / editing / deleting / publishing / unpublishing the Tickets for each Event.
    4. Possibility to Import the Offline issued Tickets to Visitors.
    5. Possibility to add / edit / delete / publish / unpublish the Custom filed to show on Checkout.
    6. Added the PayPal Adaptive Payment Method to purchase the Events.
    7. Allow to add / edit / delete / publish / unpublish the Event Venues.
    8. Possibility to send the Complimentary tickets to anybody.
    9. Customizable dashboard
    10. Repeat events
    11. Quickly add the location when editing the event
    12. Image gallery for the location
    13. Get directions from your location to the event

    Technical Specifications:

    The minimum requirements to run JeXEvents porno gay are:
    => Joomla! cartoon porn videos 2.5
    => PHP 5.x
    => MySQL 4.2

    You must ensure that you have MySQL functionality enabled within your PHP installation. We recommend:
    => Joomla! hot milfs 2.5
    => PHP 5.x
    => hot lesbian porn MySQL 5.x

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